Eric Pribramsky

Front End Developer

...And idle hands build nothing that you can call your own.
-Levi The Poet


Hi! I'm Eric Pribramsky, a web developer with over 5 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines.

Currently, I am a Front End Interactive Developer for the Success Cloud at Salesforce. I'm responsible for working within the team to develop, code, launch, and maintain complex email and landing page campaigns. I code responsive emails and landing pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Ampscript, leveraging the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools to build highly dynamic and data-driven campaigns.

Before that, I consulted for the Customer Services Group within Salesforce as an Email Production Consultant. Clients I worked with include Best Buy, Limited Brands, Speedway, Michelin and BFGoodrich, UnitedHealthcare, and many others. My responsibilities consisted of creating HTML paste emails utilizing HTML, CSS - both inline and separate style sheets, and Ampscript. This experience enabled me to learn many of the Automation and Data tools within the Marketing Cloud to update content and script email personalization.

Prior to joining Salesforce, I worked at FTD, Florists' Transworld Delivery. I started as a Web Operations Coordinator, working with the IT and marketing teams to implement website changes. The company utilized a custom CMS to control the display of the site, as well as the pricing, discounts, and promoted arrangements.

After 8 months at FTD, I was promoted to Marketing Associate where I developed my marketing skills for content and email promotion. I managed the planning, vision, and execution of the partnership email program. Partners included major airline carriers and hotel brands. I was responsible for building reports using Adobe Ominiture and SAP Business Objects and presenting my findings to my manager and higher level executives. I was the liaison between the partnership marketing team and creative teams, helping coordinate the design and implementation of assets on the main website, and partner portals.

In 2013, I graduated from West Virginia University with a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. I spent my time analyzing different company campaigns, building proposals, researching demographics, and calculating the effectiveness of current campaigns. I studied the inner workings of a marketing plan from all different aspects and know what it takes to pull off highly effective campaign; from customer experiences to social media.

Most recently, I completed a 24-week full stack coding bootcamp through the University of Texas. The classed covered much of the MERN stack, as well as bootstrap, Laravel, MySQL, Heroku, javascript testing, and security and session storage.

In my freetime, I mentor underprivileged youths, and always look for ways to share my talents with others. I have a dog, Fiona, who loves to be outside playing fetch. I am also an avid hockey player and enjoy mountain biking any chance I get.

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